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Work at Home Ideas for Mom

If you are like so many women today you have made a decision to stay home and raise your kids.  That decision in any household has an effect on the budget when you have been accustomed to two incomes.  You may have sat down and put a new budget together but with rising costs and unexpected expenses you may find yourself needing to find a way to generate enough income into your household budget so you can afford to stay home.  We have put some ideas together that could help.

Baby Sitting


Virtual Assistant


Ebay sales

Mending and Sewing

Shopping for older home bound people

House Cleaning


Dog Walking


If you have a craft or talent you might turn it into a business

Basket gifts for the local real estate company

Flower arranging

Pet Sitting for people on vacation


Data Impute for local businesses


Lawn Mowing

Providing transportation for the home bound

These are a few ideas for the mom that needs to generate a few extra dollars into the budget.  You can also surf the internet for possible opportunities. There are hundreds of companies offering work at home opportunities.  We suggest that you keep a few things in mind when looking for a home business

Any business takes an investment of time and money.  If you are expecting to start a business and not invest any money and very little time, think again.  Even starting a baby sitting business means you have to purchase snacks, extra lunches, toys, and other possible supplies.  Make sure before you start that you know what the investment will really be.

Know what kind of money you need to make.  If you are looking for a couple hundred dollars a month you can easily do that with a craft or basket business.  However, if you need to make serious money to pay the bills I recommend you look beyond these simple suggestions.

If you are researching internet business offers we suggest you look at several things to make sure the business is real and legitimate.

  1. Make sure the company has been in business for at least 10 to 15 years.  New businesses start up everyday and then disappear.  You want a company that has been around and has a track record to assure you of their ethics and reputation.
  2. Don’t depend on internet gossip.  Many times competing companies go to the internet and put disparaging comments under the disguise of dissatisfied customers or bogus individuals.  While the internet provides a resource for great information it also provides a source for unethical practices and a free for all for deceit. 
  3. Find out what awards the companies you look at have received.  Has the company received any major recognitions and awards from national business organizations?  Are they debt free or in debt?  Is the product or service one that people really need and will continue to use?   You should look at the company’s growth.  If a company is not experiencing growth they certainly can not offer you an opportunity with a future.  Are they making exaggerated claims or do they have a legitimate offer that will take work?  Will they train and support you until you are up and running?  How quickly can you start making money?  Do you trust the people involved?  Look at the facts and not the hype!
  4. Once you make a decision don’t let anyone get in your way or discourage you.  Go forward and put all you can into your new business.