Children With Parents
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Parenting, On The Lighter Side

As a full time mom and grandmother, I have found that a sense of humor is my only link to sanity at times.  In addition, you have to realize that Murphy’s Law applies.

  • Lunch is over and the baby is burped so you remove the bib.  The Murphy’s Law of Parenting says the baby will always spit up.

  • The hand book of Good Parenting says that you keep the baby book handy for all new milestones.  Murphy’s Law of Parenting says that when the parent leaves the room, that is when the baby will take their first step, crawl for the first time, and say their first words.

  • It is date night and the kids have been great all day.  Murphy’s Law says that as soon as the baby sitter shows up one child will throw up and another one will have a stomach ace.

  • Murphy’s Law of Parenting says, hand-me-downs always stay clean but that new out fit that the baby wears for the first time always gets spit up on it the first time it is worn. 

  • You are out to dinner with friends and you’ve decided to wear that new dress.  MLP applies, the baby not only decides he is fussy but in addition he loads up the diaper beyond capacity.  As you look up from dinner you read your single friends faces.  They just lost their appetite. 

  • The kids have been fantastic all day but the minute you get on the phone MLP kicks in and they immediately begin to scream and run through the house.

It’s 8:00 PM and the kids are in bed.  As you stand there watching them sleep like innocent angles, you think back over the day.  As a mom you have juggled cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, cleaning up messes and found time to nurture a relationship between you and the man you love.  You are exhausted physically and mentally from a challenging day, yet you know this is the most important job you will ever have.  The monetary pay is zero but the life long returns are many.  Your days will be filled with love, laughter, hugs, and kisses that will last a life time.  So what about Murphy’s Law of Parenting?  As long as you have a patience and love MLP does not matter!