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Stay At Home Mom’s Guide

If you are thinking about becoming a SAHM there are a few things to be considered.  Most moms would tell you it can be a thankless job but it is also a warding one!  Most moms would not trade staying home and being “their kids mom” for all of the riches in the world.

            1. Your family comes first but don’t isolate yourself.  Find time for a girl’s day out, work outs at the gym, and an occasional lunch with friends.  Organize a play group with friends that have kids the same age.  You’ll find this a healthy activity time for you and the kids.

           2. When someone asks you what you do, take pride in the most important CEO position in the world, “your kid’s mom.”   Don’t discount the importance of your job.  Take pride in being a SAHM.  Your children are only small once.

           3. Develop a schedule and calendar to organize you and your family’s daily activities.  As a stay at home mom you will find that everyone will expect you to volunteer for fundraisers and events.  As a result you could find yourself running ragged and not having the time for your family that you had intended.  Guard your time and stay organized.

           4. It’s tough to live on one income, so you may find it necessary to develop income from home.  You can have the best of all worlds.  Make a list of your talents, abilities, and what you would enjoy doing.  Thousands of moms work part time and even full time at home while raising their children.

           5. Learn how to cut a few corners and clip coupons.  You will find a great coupon resource at   Baking and cooking from scratch will always save money in the household budget.  Using crock pot recipes and making soups from scratch are big budget stretchers.  When you make a pot of soup, make enough for two or three meals.  Learn to love leftovers and never let anything go to waist.  Find the local up scale resale shops.  You will find that many of these shops sell “like new” clothing for women and children that you can purchase for pennies on the dollar!  When your best friend complements you on how hot you look you will feel so smart!

If being a stay at home mom is a priority these important tips will make a difference.