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Kids Health

As parents, if we could keep our children in a protective bubble life would be great.  But the fact is we can’t.  Germs will always be around but you can follow some steps to help your family ward off illness and improve your children's health.

  1. Serve foods that help boost the immune system.  Everyone knows that five servings of fruits and vegetables a day will help boost your child's immune system.

    • Encourage your kids to eat raw veggies and fresh fruit.

    • Try serving fresh fruit for desert.

    • Make soups with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables.

    • Serve celery, carrots, and other vegetables with ranch dressing for a quick and fun snack.

    • Give your kids a daily vitamin.

  2. Make sure your kids get enough sleep. Children who don't get enough sleep are more susceptible to viruses. Kids need differing amounts of sleep, ranging from 12 hours for toddlers to about 9 hours for teens.  Taking a nap at any age is always good for the body!

    • A child who is cranky, irritable or simply looks tired is probably is not getting enough sleep.

    • Set a regular bedtime and stick to it.

  3. Encourage your kids to be physically active. Research shows that exercise can strengthen the immune system. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that one half hour of continuous physical activity at least three times a week is important to good health.

    • Take family walks together.

    • Keep television and computer time to a minimum.

    • Plan bike rides.  Join the local YMCA and get the whole family involved and moving.

  4. Teach your kids to wash their hands.

    • Remember: viruses are spread by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching the mouth, nose or eyes.


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